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Broker Brothers Buyer's Bucks Program.... How It Works 

Broker Brothers LLC. will credit Broker Brothers Buyers $1000.00 of earned commission at closing. 

  1. “Buyer Bucks” are credited to your closing cost and are based on the home’s exact and final sales price
  2. If you buy a short sale, bank-owned or otherwise distressed property, a maximum of 10% of our base commission will be credited.
  3. “Buyer Bucks” are not available on all Florida Transactions. Subject to lender approval and a minimum net commissions of 5000.00 to Broker Brothers LLC.
  4. Buyer must make sure Lender will approve the credit prior to close.
  5. Buyer's Bucks are not eligible on Clever or Redfin Referrals leads.

  Disclaimer: Estimated Broker Brothers Buyers Bucks Refund amount are not guaranteed. Broker Brothers Refund amount may vary according to purchase price, prevailing market conditions, and other factors. Broker Brothers Refund is not available where prohibited by law, including in Oregon, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Alabama, Tennessee. Broker Brothers Refund is subject to adjustment or cancellation if the commission received by Broker Brothers from the cooperating broker is 1%* or less of the property sales price, the commission amount provided to Broker Brothers changes after the signing of this agreement or must be shared with additional parties, or if Broker Brothers is prohibited from distributing the Broker Brothers Refund. Lender approval is required for commission refunds.

In some circumstances buyer’s lender may not allow buyer to receive a refund and Broker Brothers cannot guarantee that all lenders will allow 100% distribution of the Broker Brothers Refund. As a result, Broker Brothers strongly recommends that Buyers discuss with their lenders, in advance, the anticipated receipt of the Broker Brothers Refund.  It is up to the Buyer to verify with the lender if some, none or part of the Broker Brothers Refund will be allowed. Unless agreed to in writing by Broker Brothers, Broker Brothers will only issue a refund to the person(s) and/or entity listed on the recorded deed which transfers ownership of the subject real property at the closing of a transaction, regardless of whether such person(s) and/or entity are the buyer. Subject to these limitations and where allowed, the Broker Brothers Refund can be provided at or after closing.