Broker Brothers was founded by Tony & Kathryn Zangrilli. Collectively we bring over 30 years of combined mortgage, finance and real estate investing experience.  We knew there was a better way to deliver a full service real estate model while saving our customers money.  We decided to invest heavily in technology, streamline the buying and selling process and develop systems that would not compromise the full service listing model our clients deserved. 

When we started our careers in real estate in the 1990's, there was no internet, no way of having access to real estate listings and no way to streamline the  costs to market a property. The 3% listing fee charged in the 1990's was well because of the lack of technology, industry automony and benchmark real estate processes. Fast forward almost 30 years and oddly enough sellers are still paying 3% to list there homes even with all of the new innovative updated marketing and technology available to real estate agents.

Today, Broker Brothers continues to provide a full service listing with experience local agents.  We provide one on one personal service to our customers, perform open houses, provide expert negotiation skills throughout the process and use the latest technology.  All listings our listed nationally and aggregated globally, have state of the art digital print, drone & video artwork and advertise via internet and social media.  

Our 4% Total Commissions allows sellers to sell for more and pay fees that make financial sense without sacrificing service. 

What You Can Expect From Brother Brothers

We are here to serve the interest of our clients first and always.  We are a committed team of experienced agents who offer sensible purdent advice and expert negotiation skills. Our clients deserve our loyalty, commitment, knowledge and due diligence. We ar committed to education and share our "Plan, Process & Profit Strategy" that help ensure profitable transactions.