Marketing Your Home

"Active Marketing" is the daily contact we make to our prospective buyers and to other brokers, agents and local investors who may have buyers for your home.  The MLS is a huge universe of homes and reaching out to let our sphere of influence know about your home makes all the difference in the world.  Traditional "Passive" methods of waiting for buyers to come to us ( like open houses, news paper ads and other passive marketing strategies) are fine but when used together with our "Active Marketing" approach to selling homes, this combination turns your "home for sale" into a SOLD home!

"Active Marketing Plan" 

1) Initial visit with seller. Evaluate your home & competitive properties via CMA. Arrange 2nd meeting with seller.

2) Physically visit your home again to discuss / re-evaluate the CMA and make any / all price adjustments.

3) Make recommendations that will increase value and net dollars to you the seller before price is establisted for listing.

4) Stage the home ( No Cost )for professional pictures, drone ariels, 360 virtual tours and all print & social media marketing.

5) Order all marketing for the MLS (Local & State), all social media, hundreds of web portials, order print and signs for yard.

6) Develop a list of unique features to highlight features.

7)Agree on schedule of 2 open houses and times for home to be shown.

8) List your home on local & state MLS and aggregate / syndicate listing to both national & international on line web portals.

9) Screen agents who want to show the home. 

Is buyer pre- qualified? Do they have a home to sell? Confirm with seller who they will allow to preview ther property. Monitor the appointments vs showed ratio and review with seller via email and phone weekly.

10) Contact agents by phone for feedback on the property. Help them to work through any buyer issues in order to facilitate an offer.

11) Call 25-50 of our buyers, sphere of influence, investors, brokers and other agents in the area daily to market your property.

12) Communicate weekly ( if not more often ) with seller.  Talk about showing activity, quality of prospective buyers, home presentation, the price, buyer feedback and current market conditions.  Make any and all changes necessary based on feedback.

13) Report any all concerns to seller as they arise. Have solutions and vendors to mitigate risk and ensure showing safety.

14) Accept any and all offers and present without bias to the seller.  

15) Negotiate on everything including price, down payments, terms, inspection times, repair costs, reinspections, walk through's , walk through issues, resolutions to day of closing issues and closing vendor, date & times.

16) Handle any and all vendor monitoring, agent follow up, escrow deposit verifications, inspection day preparation, inspection report communication, inspection vendor approval for repairs, title & mortage company concerns / issues.

17) Get you to close on time and at the terms that were agreed upon by all parties!

We Navigate and Negotiate all Agreements, Disclosures, Vendors & Escrow Paperwork with You.

1) We review the initial purchase agreement with you.

2) Guide the seller in negotiation of all items of the sales contract.

3) Document creation for responding to a buyer offer.

4) Preparation of all required seller disclosures completed by seller.

5) Complete transaction management during escrow.

6) Coordination of buyer property inspection. Make sure inspector is licensed properly.

7) Termite / WDO Inspection coordination.

8) Escrow monitoring of all agreed upon escrow amounts and dates.

9) Coordination of mortgage and title company to ensure transaction will  close on time and without incident.

10) Communication with buyer's agent to make sure they are keeping there buyer on track to close on time.

11) Contact the buyer's mortgage company throughout the process to ensure financing is moving forward without any issues.



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